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VA TECH WABAG is one of the world‘s leading companies for thedesign, construction and operational management of water and wastewater treatmentplants for both the municipal and industrial sectors.  

We offer a wide rangeof technologies and processes for tailor-made and complete solutions for:

-         Drinking& industrial water treatment

-         Desalinationof sea and brackish water

-         Municipaland industrial wastewater treatment

-         Water reclamation(recycling & reuse)

-         Sludgetreatment

Sustainable solutions from one single source.

Based on over ninetyyears of branch experience WABAG is one of the world’s most innovativecompanies with profound know-how in special and in-house developed processes.  

Presenting a multi-nationalplayer we have companies and offices in more than 20 countries, across 4continents with over 2,000 employees.  Since1995, we have completed < 1,200 plants worldwide.

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