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PT Pertamina might work with PETRONAS refinery

It was reported a few days ago that Pertamina plans to process its share of Malaysian and Iraqi crude oil production at Petronas' refineries in Malaysia in return for gasoline as Indonesia strives to reduce oil imports.

Heru Setiawan, director of investment planning and risk management of Pertamina said that they are approaching Petronas on whether they can utilize Petronas refinery to process our crude (produced) from Malaysia's fields. 

Connecforce is pleased to update you with the finalized event agenda of 5th ASEAN Refining & Petrochemical Forum. Leadership speakers from PT Pertamina, PETRONAS, PTTPLC, Myanmar Petrochemical Enterprise, SINOPEC, Cosmo Oil, Chandra Asri, Lotte Chemicals etc..

Mr. Heru Setiawan, director of investment planning and risk management of Pertamina, is one of the key industry speakers, together with Mr. Mahadzir Rani, Head of Manufacturing from PETRONAS CHEMICALS GROUP. Further, an expert speaker from PETRONAS refinery will present on experiences of processing heavy and sour crude.

Attached please check the finalized agenda. And feel free to let me know if you need further assistance!
Event Speaker Committed:

Click HERE to download event program. 

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