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Korean Refiners & Petrochemical Companies Must Think Hard to Complete with New Complexes in the Region

South Korea is a major exporter of clean diesel in Asia. Majority of South Korean refineries can produce clean diesel and export them to Europe and the US.  It is fair to say South Korea is in a better position to be ready for global change in bunker fuel specifications such as to supply marine gasoil for marine bunker markets. But South Korea is not necessarily a leading manufacturer of clean diesel. Saudi Arabia is now one of the leading exporters of clean diesel.

Korean refiners and petrochemical companies are quite concerned on how to complete with Asia’s new refining and petrochemical complexes being built in countries like Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, worrying that these new infrastructures are more competitive than their old plants. There are ways of maintaining competitiveness for the old facilities – improving operational excellence, optimizing energy efficiency, enhancing asset management integrity and moving towards digitalization, IoT and AI etc..

These are crucial topics to be addressed in the coming international refining and petrochemical event Oct 16-17 in Seoul and many local refining and petrochemical players are joining the discussion. 

>> Part of the event participants from plant owners 

  • > Senior Vice President Refining and Petrochemicals, Total

  • CEO, Hyosung Chemical Corporation

  • CEO, SK Advanced Co., Ltd

  • Managing Director Business Development Group, ADNOC International

  • Senior Executive Vice President, Innovation and Digital, PTTPLC

  • Asst. Vice President Strategy & Business Development Refining Business, Reliance Industries Ltd

  • Head of Digital Strategy, Shell 

  • Head of Project Management, Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI)

  • Sr. VP- Head Biofuel Operation Site, Reliance Industry Ltd

  • Director New Business, Lotte Chemical 

  • Vice President Head of Project Execution, S-Oil Corporation

  • Heavy Oil Upgrading Plant Manager, Vice president, SK Energy

  • Olefin Plant Manager, Vice President, SK Energy

  • Head of Engineering Division, SK Energy

  • …and more are on the way

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