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What if Pertamina completes its 4 refineries upgrade and building of 2 new refineries?

What if Pertamina completes its 4 existing refineries upgrade in Dumai, Balongan, Cilacap, and Balikpapan and building 2 new refineries?

The following things would happen:

  • Pertamina will double their refining capacity to 2 (two) million barrels of crude per day and able process more sour crude

  • Pertamina will increase product yields such as fuel by 3 (three) times and petrochemical by 11 (eleven) times

  • Indonesia’s fuel quality will be able to comply with the international Euro V standard, which will ultimately boost our competitiveness and profitability and put Indonesia on the international energy map

  • These megaprojects are beneficial not only for Pertamina but also Indonesia. There are 4 (four) main advantages plays a part in: 

  • 1)In energy security: This will help to improve Indonesia’s energy security by fulfilling national fuel demand. 

  • 2)In petrochemical Industry: It will also boost our petrochemical production significantly and therefore reduce the need for import. 

  • 3)Other aspect from jobs sector: it will increase value-added activities in Indonesia and generate new job opportunities for its people.

  • 4)And from finance sector: It can be reducing fuel imports also translates into significant impact in the nation’s foreign exchange reserves

Connecforce is having The 6th ASEAN Refining & Petrochemical Forum organized in Jakarta of Indonesia Apr 21-22, 2020. 

What are the differences for 2020 event ?

  • More representations from major Asia refineries and petrochemical companies such as JG Summit (Philippines), Idemitsu (Japan), Nayara Energy (India), Hyundai Oilbank (South Korea), along with other major players that have been attending our event from 2015 such as PT Pertamina, PT Chandra Asri, PETRONAS, PTTGC, JXTG, PetroVietnam, Lotte Chemcial, BP, PT Bukit Asam etc. 

  • Tremendous networking, booth visiting and 1 to 1 meeting opportunities with leaderships from energy regulators, refinery directors, VPs, petrochemical plants technology personnel at the special session of event inauguration speaker and VIP breakfast session (1st day)

  • Key and interesting topics such as chemical recycling trend, coal-chemical project progress, cost-saving solution for process optimization, refiners’experiences in integrating refinery and petrochemical plants.

  • Available and limited networking opportunities with decision makers at the panel discussion or VIP area. 

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