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Review: Indonesian economy, policy and development on refining and petrochemical industry

Coordinating Minister said that Indonesia can grow faster with efforts, with ESDM stated that geopolitical fear factors may influence the economy.

Connecforce has conducted its 4th ASEAN Refining & Petrochemical Forum in Jakarta, Apr 11-12. At the conference, Dr. Raden Pardede, Senior Advisor to Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs delivered a presentation on Indonesia Economy Status Check and Outlook. The Ministry shows a positive outlook on global economies on the basis of positive GDP forecasts and monetary policy normalization in the United States, although political risks may come into being with Donald Trump's moves. Those risks didn't influence the Ministry's firm stance on the confidence in a healthy Indonesian Economy.

More specifically down to the refining & petrochemical sectors, however, Prof. Dr. Maizar Rahman, Chairman of Scientific Board, ESDM, stated that there will be threats from geopolitical events which could influence prices of oil, petroleum products, and petrochemicals. 

Half year has passed and we could find that Indonesia continues its impressive economic growth, but the Indonesian Rupiah experienced a sharp depreciation because of political events and fluctuating oil prices. The country soon encountered a high current account deficit, which finally led to national budget shortage on import- heavy refining & petrochemical industry development.

Here below are presentations for you to better understand Indonesian economy trend, Indonesia policy, and strategies on developing refining petrochemical industry. Senior officials and experts from Indonesia government and authorities deliver these presentations 

· Indonesia Economy Updates by Dr. Raden Pardede, Advisor to Minister, Coordinating Ministry

· The Impact of Geo Politic on Energy Scenario And Its Implication to Refinery and Petrochemical Industry by Prof. Dr. Ir. Maizar Rahman, Research Professior Chairman od Scientific Board, Research and Develoment Agency of ESDM

· Indonesia policy and regulations on refining industry towards 2025 by Prahoro Nu, Advisor to the Minister of ESDM

· Indonesia Petrochemical Development Strategy by Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono, Director General of Chemical, Textile and Multi Various Industry, Ministry of Industry

Click HERE to download all presentations 

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