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ANDOC, Cosmo Oil and PT Lotte Chemicals to Join ASEAN Refining and Petrochemical Forum

A month ago, Pertamina said to be ready to work with Oman’s Overseas Oil and Gas LLC (OOG) on the Bontang refinery project. Earlier in 2018 Japanese Cosmo Oil was reported to be in the discussion with Pertamina’s new refinery project too but then they got slowed down. 

Today many NOCs are seeking investment opportunities in SE Asia refining and petrochemical sector by funding mega refinery and petrochemical projects or securing feedstock supply. ANDOC eyes Asia Pacific markets with downstream expansion. Because of American petrochemical competition, the UAE energy company wants to be well placed to compete on pricing and for global market share utilising the comparative advantage of low cost Emirati feedstock. UAE has some of the lowest costs for associated gas recovery in the world which can be used as a feedstock in the petrochemicals industry to increase profit margins.

Connecforce is pleased to bring speakers from ANDOC, Cosmo Oil and PT Lotte Chemicals to Join the 5th ASEAN Refining and Petrochemical Forum, Apr 24-25 in Jakarta, to share on regional and international partnership, feedstock challenges and new petrochemical project developments. 

Speakers invited to the conference:

  • Mr. Heru Setiawan, Investment Planning & Risk Management Director, PT Pertamina

  • Mr.Ignatius Tallulembang, Refinery & Petrochemical Mega Project Director, PT Pertamina

  • Jojok Hadrijanto, Manufacturing Vice President Director, PT Lotte Chemicals Titan Nusantara

  • Kim Yong Ho, President Director, PT Lotte Chemical Indonesia

  • Fuad I.Z Fachroeddin, Business Development Director, PT Bukit Asam

  • Fumiyoshi Matsumiya, International Cooperation Center Planning & Management Dept., Cosmo Oil

Download event program and view all the speaker.

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