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Pertamina faces 4 strategic challenges

Pertamina faces 4 strategic challenges

Ignatius Tallulembang, PT Pertamina’s Director of Refinery and Petrochemical Megaproject, has highlighted 4 strategic challenges that the Indonesian’s energy giant is facing at Connecforce’s event last week in Jakarta – the 5th ASEAN Refining & Petrochemical Forum.

1. Pertamina will have to import more crude due to declining domestic oil production and this means they will have to enhance sour crude processing capability as this is typically kind of crude they are going to import.

2. Pertamina have to raise fuel production capacity substantially as Indonesia is currently importing about half of its total fuel demand, and demand is projected to continue to grow.

3. Growing pressures to improve competitiveness, which require upgrade in conversion capacity and technology to improve yield and ultimately profitability 

4. Pertamina needs to increase its fuel quality specification to meet current and future requirements i.e., from Euro II to Euro V standard

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